The People's Activities and Recreational Queer Center

Mission Statement

We strive to offer sanctuary to  LGBT+ adults, while centering the most vulnerable members of our community. Here are the PARQC, we offer a safe and validating space to ensure that our members survive, thrive, and have the resources and training necessary to advocate for themselves and others.

What is the PARQC?

The PARQC, or the People's Activities and Recreational Queer Center, is a registered state non-profit operating out of Olympia, WA. We work in coordination with Stonewall Youth, a partnering non-profit that has worked with LGBT+ youth for over 25 years. Our center serves LGBT+ adults, offering them a space to relax and be themselves, in addition to connecting them with vital resources. To learn more about how the PARQC got started, check out our history page!

Our Programs

The scope of our programs will be affected by our fundraising campaign. 
Listed are our plans, most of which we will implement at on a smaller scale
if necessary funds are not raised.

Monthly Workshops - Variable
Each month, we will pay a member of the community $100 to come to the PARQC and facilitate a community workshop. PARQC staff members will be available for mentorship and advice for first-time organizers.

Material Requests - Website
Community members may fill out requests for individualized items, such as binders, breastforms, gaffs, and packers. These requests will be filled either by the PARQC when we have sufficient funds, or through community fundraising when our coffers are low.

Quarterly Events - Variable
Four times per year, the PARQC will organize large community events, such as Adult Prom, or spotlighting local LGBT+ talent for music, comedy shows, and slam poetry.

Drop-in Hours - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
With sufficient funding, we will be able to offer a permanent space in Olympia where LGBT+ adults can drop-in to hang out in an affirming environment, get emotional support, and connect with their community. Drop-in hours will be held in a wheelchair accessible space with gender-neutral bathrooms, both traditional and beanbag couches, a television, and donated game consoles.

Food Locker - During Drop-in Hours
After attaining a physical space, we will work in coordination with the Thurston County Food Bank to provide a food locker so that hungry community members can get the nourishment they need. Lunch bags will be prepared every Saturday for community members who need them.

Community Pantry - During Drop-in Hours
Allying with the YWCA of Olympia, we will provide a variety of household goods and hygiene products for community members, made available through our physical space.

Exchange Closet - During Drop-in Hours
Members of the community are able to donate old clothes and pick out new ones, alleviating the cost of updating or replacing their wardrobe.

Chore Service - Variable
We are coordinating with local nonprofits involved in elder and disability justice to provide our LGBT+ elders and disabled community members with help around the house. Young or able-bodied members of the community can receive job training through the PARQC and will be paid $15/hr for their labor. Community members in need of their services can apply for hours with the PARQC, and we will pay the wages for them if they are unable to.